Covid19 Update:

Covid19 Update:
While children continue to have very mild illness with the virus, they can be excellent at spreading it. Please stay home and avoid playdates with friends. We continue to make changes daily to ensure our staff and our patients are as safe as possible. This means there will be some policy changes almost daily, please check our Facebook page often.
Well Visits:
We are still doing well visits, especially for those infants needing vaccinations. Older children may consider changing to a later date. We are moving all well visits prior to 11AM and sick visits will start after, with flexibility! Please call the office with any questions.
Virtual visits are an option in some circumstances, ie. ADD med checks/mental health visits. These visits are billed to insurance. Please call the office to schedule those appointments.
Limit Visitors:
When ever possible please do not bring extra children or caregivers to appointments.
Testing for COVID19 is still very limited. Stay home with any symptoms. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, you may need to be seen, but CALL FIRST. Avoid ER and Urgent Care when you can. We are currently unable to test, but you can call 616-391-2380 to schedule a free virtual screening.