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The staff at Kent Pediatrics is delighted that you have chosen us to work with you to keep your child healthy. As your medical home, we will provide comprehensive care for your children. Regular physical exams allow us to evaluate your child’s growth and development, immunize your child, discuss nutrition, safety and disease prevention and answer your questions. In addition, we will also care for your children when they are sick.

As your medical home, we know you. We have records of medications, allergies, and health issues. We ask that you call us before taking your child to a med center or emergency room. Often we can answer questions, save time and money, and provide excellent care with consistent follow-up.

We, the physicians at Kent Pediatrics, have similar practice standards and styles, and we encourage you to get to know all of us. However, if you have a preference, you may make an appointment with a specific physician, especially if scheduled well in advance. Obviously, this may be more difficult for sick visit appointments.



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